We start the year of the revolution

The year 2018 has been a turning point for ESACH, reaching to be present in universities in up to six European countries. We had the opportunity to participate in such important forums as the Berlin Summit where we were able to deliver a message to European youth and co-organize the Culture Up Your Future conference, claiming the role of these young people in the field of heritage. We have spoken before the German and Swedish cultural heritage committees. We had the opportunity to exchange opinions in our first international ESACH meeting that took place in Girona (Spain). We have also been able to make our first publication thanks to Mazu Press. And we have carried out events and activities in our respective countries together with other organizations as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

2018 has been a great year for us, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Our message has to continue to reach European universities and young people in general.

This 2019 ESACH has a great challenge ahead, continue to grow and generate a true network of exchange of knowledge and experiences among its members, also among young people and institutions, organizations, cultural associations, etc. of the entire European Union.

Our particular revolution will extend throughout the year, but this January we can offer you the first steps of it.

Among the novelties that will be announced this 2019 we wanted to give a boost to the network by expanding our vision, polishing our structures and generating new possibilities for the current members of ESACH and all those who join.

ESACH maintains a vision set to continue highlighting the need to reconnect the notions of culture and heritage, as elements that evolve with the people that create them. It is necessary that society in general, but especially young people feel the heritage that surrounds us, from the material to the immaterial.

For this, as we have advanced before, it is necessary that the ESACH members work together with the institutions, organizations, etc. not only with the purpose of acquiring knowledge for their research, but also to help understanding and disseminating it. We want to reach the roots of cultural heritage in Europe.

We believe that ESACH cannot be locked in the university, in this way we clarify and expand the possibilities to join. Currently our members come are students of Bachelor, Master (MA) and PhD of European universities, but also we are open to technical professionals from the fields of university-level professional schools (different denomination in each country). In the same way, we continue to believe in our intergenerational vocation, which is why we have expanded the membership of our members up to the age of 30, allowing young professionals to enter and expanding the exchange of experiences among members.

Our groups in Europe change their name to ESACH EU Groups. With this slight change we want to emphasize our European sense, our transnational conception of heritage knowledge.

In 2019 we want to continue maintaining the spirit of debate about cultural heritage generated by the EYCH 2018, so in the coming months we are determined to launch new transnational groups that put our members in contact thematically, that is, we want the types of heritage guide us to find people with our same interests with whom to exchange ideas, perform work and generate events. At the same time this would facilitate contact with those professional sectors specialized in certain types of heritage throughout the EU.

In short, we are excited for this 2019. Do not miss what is to come!

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