Saved landscapes and landscapes to save

“The landscape is the face of the territory” - Eduardo Martínez de Pisón. 


Today at Girona's University has been realized the Seminary theoric-practical: Landscapes saved-landscapes to save, civil society, mobilizations and defense of the territory at the regions of Girona. Organized by the Department of Geography, Department of Ambient Sciences, Unit of Social Commitment of Girona's University and Girona's Naturalistic Association. They collaborate IAEDEN-Save it Empordà, Save Castell, Save The Pinewood of Gori, Save Vilanera, HIS Empordanet, Platform SOS Costa Brava. 


The landscape is the result of the transformation of nature for the cultural projection of society. However, it is very fragile and susceptible to real-estate speculation. Fortunately, the Gironès characterizes for being one of the zones of Catalonia with more sentiment identitarian with the cultural and natural landscape. This translates to the creation of numerous organizations and associations that work for the conservation of the natural and cultural rooms. They exist more of 70 organizations for the protection of the landscape, like "The Observatory of the Landscape of Olot" which responds at the necessity to study the landscape, elaborate proposals and further measures of protection, management, and ordination of the landscape of Catalonia at the frame of sustainable development. 


One of the most recent organizations is SOSCostaBrava, which fights against the avalanche of threats on the environment, the landscape and the living quality on the coast Brava. One of his more excelled nationally victories is the Moratorium toward the constructions at first line of the Coast Brava.


The students of the @universitatdegirona of each studies related to the landscape protection and management like: Master of Management of the Natural and Cultural Heritage, Master at Management of the Ambient Change, Degree of Geography, Degree at Ambient Sciences, etc; understand that the landscape is a component of big value of the natural and cultural heritage. It is necessary to work to protect it and treasure it as a substantial element of our identity with the Catalan territory. From @EsachGirona invite to all the followers to join these associations and the fight of the populace for the preservation of his more esteemed surroundings:
SOSCostaBrava: https://www.soscostabrava.cat 
SOS COSTA BRAVA MANIFEST: https://www.soscostabrava.cat/wp-content/uploads/sos-costa-brava-manifest-english-09-12-18.pdf

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