Excursion with Joelette!

On Saturday, November 16, Olesa de Montserrat Town Council organized an outing for the cultural inclusion of people with functional diversity. This was done thanks to the group of volunteers called "Volunteers of Joelette d'Olesa de Montserrat" and to the guide of the exit Juan Soler.


The "excursion with Joëlette" activity organized by the City Council is an inclusive trip that takes place every third Saturday of the month so that people with functional diversity can take a path through the natural environment of the "Way" of can lemon ". The excursion is done with the "joëlette", an all-wheelchair that makes it possible for people with reduced mobility to go hiking and other activities in the natural environment. With two companions it is possible to make trips with comfort in places that are not practicable with a normal wheelchair. The Nari Grande and the members of the Arc de Sant Martí de Martorell Foundation were able to enjoy the surroundings on a route where they could enjoy the cultural and natural heritage of Olesa de Montserrat.


Including heritage as a tool for social inclusion is a methodology that uses culture and art as a vehicle for dynamizing and channeling processes of social transformation of a community. These experiences conceive art as a tool for inclusion, regeneration of community ties and as a human right for all. Inclusive culture addresses, among others, functional diversity (some type of physical or mental disability), or actions that are at risk of social exclusion (situations of vulnerability such as poverty, addiction or deprivation of liberty), for example.


The "Volunteers of Joelette d'Olesa de Montserrat" is an example of how the union of cultural heritage and solidarity can improve the daily life of people with functional diversity, helping them enjoy their heritage natural and cultural. They are an example for us all!🙌

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