Angels of the Cultural Heritage

Angels of the Cultural Heritage is a project within the framework of the Erasmus + youth exchange project, whose first edition took place in the town of Rajcza (Poland) during the days 3 to 12 November 2019.


The Polish group, led by students and young professionals of ESACH Opole, together with groups from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia were working on issues of development directions from the perspective of the field of cultural heritage. The SDGs were also discussed, creating more than 5 successful social projects and completing a couple of social campaigns dedicated to letting young people know how important our cultural heritage is, what is mainly CH and how we could protect it. Together as citizens. They also thought about unique campaigns in the field of CH protection, which could be implemented in all countries of the world!


An ESACH Day was held on the last day, where Daryna Kupriianova (member of the European CC and ESACH Opole Coordinator) presented the ESACH network to all attendees.


In short, the first exchange of young Europeans on the protection of cultural heritage was incredibly successful!

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