Visit to El Parc Nacional del Montseny, Ribes de Freser and La Vall de Núria.

In December, the students of the Master's Degree in the Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the UdG made a guided tour by Dr. Joaquim Maria Puigvert and Dr. Josep M. Panareda to the Montseny Natural Park,  Ribes de Freser and La Vall de Núria.


The visit consisted of a pragmatic visualization of the studies carried out at the firm of cultural landscapes, where the cultural and natural heritage has a connection. The first visit was at the Masia Mariona "the Patxot Universe"  to see the concept of the noucentista landscape in "The summer architecture and the noucentista landscape" and how it affected the evolution at the area of El Monseny.  Also, they assisted in a meeting with the managers of the Natural Park of the Montseny to analyze its management,  followed by a visit to the Interpretation Center of the Valley of Santa Fe. 


 Following the itinerary, in Ribes de Freser the students meet with the Mayoress Ms. Mònica Santjaume to discuss the potential of the cultural heritage of the Ribes Valley and interpreted the transformations of the town as a result of the social practice of summer tourism and health tourism. Furthermore toured La Vall de Núria, to visit the historic buildings of the Sanctuary and hotel of the Valley and the surroundings of the Sanctuary. And finally assisted into a gathering about the Environmental Management of the Vall de Núria,  by the director of the Vall de Núria, making a special emphasis on the geobotanical heating system of the Sanctuary and the hotel.


This encounter was very enriching for the students, who could see the pragmatic functionality of cultural and natural heritage management in nature parks, shrines, village mountains, and ski resorts.

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