The new Coordination Committee is the main managing organ of ESACH. It emerged during the ESACH meeting in June 2018 at the University of Girona and is formed by the five elected leaders of the Innovation Groups of ESACH:


Innovation Groups of ESACH:

  1. Vision Group (Marius Müller, Passau, Germany) - ensure the thematic focus and the "vision" of ESACH
  2. Publication Group (Paloma Chacón Domínguez, Madrid, Spain) - coordinate ESACH publications 
  3. External Communication Group (Jana Tempelmeier, Münster, Germany) - managing contents of, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and PR
  4. General Administration Group (Daryna Kupriianova, Opole, Poland) - managing legal questions, finance and IT
  5. Internal Communication and Community Group (Sara Sabatini, Genoa, Italy) - welcoming new ESACH members, ensure a constant communication within the network and initiating and (co-)organizing common events