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Heritage in Action Europe Special 2019

/ Europa Nostra

ESACH Meeting Genoa 2019

Post about our Genoa Meeting in WikiEventi

Article/Event of our Genoa Meeting in the European Heritage Tribune. University of Genoa, october 2019

2017 - 2018

Daryna Kuprianova (ESACH General Administration) participates in the meeting "Law matter", organized by the Association of law students and young lawyers Pavel Satev Kocani

Article in Eurorpa Nostra website about our contribution to the European Heritage Summit

Post in the Hispania Nostra Blog about ESACH. (Hispania Nostra is part of Europa Nostra)

Collaboration with Digilab at the University of Hamburg - Young Heritage Studio

ESACH Meeting Girona 2018

Article of the University of Girona about the first ESACH Meeting in june 2018

Article in the Santander Art and Culture Law Review about the Girona Meeting

Intervieu to our Founding President, Marius Müller, in the Politik & Kultur journal (Germany) about ESACH and our first meeting in Girona.

Creation of ESACH