Cultural projects for Cibeles Palace


The 12th December 2019 the students of the MA in Cultural Heritage in 21st Century made a public sample of the cultural projects they developed in the Research subject. This year they were related to the Cibeles Palace (Palacio de Cibeles), headquarters of the Madrid City Council, on the occasion of its first centenary.


Divided into five groups: Pantheon, Siente Cibeles, Enigma, Mira Cibeles and Cultivando Cibeles, the old Telecommunications Palace was approached from various heritage perspectives: architectural, movable, immaterial or ethnographic, developing transversal projects that could be feasible within the development of the Government, cultural and educational activity that houses the architectural complex today. The projects were also developed from the necessary perspectives of environmental sustainability, gender equality and historical memory.


As part of the sample and way of transmitting to the citizens of Madrid everything learned in the previous research process, a series of games and activities were developed to promote this learning and emotional identification with the building. From a game of Jenga with questions and answers, a mysterious box with materials that make up the space, to a time box with which to send a message to the past or the future, a Postbox that would allow you to say something that you have never dared to say, etc.


After processing the feedback of those attending the December show, the 6th February 2020 they presented their projects to the authorities of the participating Madrid companies and the Madrid City Council. The proposals related to the fight against the depopulation of the Spanish countryside could be highlighted, such as the realization of workshops with artisan women of the field on pottery, falconry, etc. Also, the approach of the history of the palace to the population of Madrid, promoting the Centro Centro cultural center, also as part of responsible tourism. All proposals are approached from a sustainable perspective, according to the model of the city to which the capital of Spain aims and have the opportunity to be a reality in the future.


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