ESACH and Europa Nostra announce partnership to strengthen youth engagement in the field of heritage

Building on a successful collaboration during the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018, ESACH and Europa Nostra decided to deepen their cooperation to further support the empowerment and capacity building of young heritage students & professionals.


Europa Nostra is therefore proud to figure among the partners of the upcoming ESACH meeting in Madrid and shall continue to support future activities of the growing network of students across Europe.


In this way, both organisations contribute to the promotion and encouragement of youth participation in decision-making through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices, and this not only among the young generation but also between the young generation and established experts.


To facilitate synergies with the largest European heritage network, ESACH encourages all students to become an individual member of Europa Nostra, which is free of charge for 18-30 years old. This represents a great opportunity to network, get involved in the protection, dissemination and development of cultural heritage in Europe. Apply now.

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