ESACH Reports

ESACH Reports · 26 November 2019
Within the framework of the Erasmus + youth exchange project 'Angels of the Cultural Heritage', which took place between 3 and 12 of November of 2019 in the town of Rajcza (Poland), an ESACH Day led by Daryna Kupriianova (member of the DC)

ESACH Reports · 16 November 2019
On Saturday, November 16, Olesa de Montserrat Town Council organized an outing for the cultural inclusion of people with functional diversity. This was done thanks to the group of volunteers called "Volunteers of Joelette d'Olesa de Montserrat" and to the guide of the exit @ JuanSoler. The "excursion with Joëlette" activity organized by the City Council is an inclusive trip that takes place every third Saturday of the month so that people with functional diversity can take a path through the...

ESACH Reports · 13 November 2019
At Girona's University has been realized the Seminary theoric-practical: Landscapes saved-landscapes to save, civil society, mobilizations and defense of the territory at the regions of Girona. Organized by the Department of Geography, Department of Ambient Sciences, Unit of Social Commitment of Girona's University and Girona's Naturalistic Association.

ESACH Reports · 22 March 2019
During a week (from 12-15 march 2019), students of the master’s degree in Heritage of the University of Girona have received a very interesting museologist of the Natural History Museum of Paris, the Dr. Fabienne Galangau-Quérat.

ESACH Reports · 08 November 2017
We take parto of the ICOMOS Germany International Conference “Palace – City – Garden. The Royal Residence as Historic Cultural Landscape”, 5th-7th November 2017, Schwerin/Landtag von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

ESACH Reports · 05 June 2017
ESACH Report I (2017): ICOMOS Europe Group Meeting, Scientific Symposium: Preparing the European Cultural Heritage Year (ECHY) 2018, June 5, 2017, Berlin Wall Memorial Visitor Centre.