Special: Done in 2019

One more year we want to share with you the most special moments we have experienced this year that ends and also some reflections.


At the beginning of 2019 we told you that we were going to make this year "the year of the revolution" for our network. We got down to work to achieve new management plans, an improvement of our vision and objectives and to get closer and closer to students and young professionals from new countries and areas of Europe. Ending this year, we realize that we have achieved this goal, although it cannot be called a revolution. The purpose of a network is to connect people, join paths and work together for a better future, in our case that of cultural heritage.


The legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is heavy, as it is of great importance and relevance for the future of Europe and even for the world. To train ourselves to find solutions that from the culture can be given to such important problems for our cultural and natural heritage, explore new ways of making this heritage sustainable and that can contribute to the fight against such serious situations as the climatic emergency that this planet suffers is something that has to keep us moving and, perhaps, become the axis of our modest network of students and young professionals.


Our desire for the year 2020 is to continue, to continue growing, forming, sharing... in short, make ESACH can continue to be a place of meeting and debate where "the future of cultural heritage" begins to tread strongly.


We want to thank all ESACH members, groups and individuals, the organizations that have supported us, especially the University of Genoa for hosting our second ESACH Meeting this year 2019.


Thank you all. Let's continue!

Coordination Committee

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