Special: Done in 2018

Welcome to this special through which you can know at a glance all the activities we have done throughout this 2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage.

From the European Students' Association for Cultural Heritage we have much to celebrate because during this year we have seen how our network has grown to be present in universities in six countries of the European Union.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and the hard work of the students and young professionals members of the network, we believe that we have achieved our main objective this 2018: to make known the opinion, ideas and interest of young Europeans for cultural heritage.

Since the first meeting of the network in Girona (Spain) in June, we have participated in important events from different countries of the EU, among which we can highlight the ESACH Message from the young generation in the Policy Debate of the Berlin Summit, the European meeting 'Culture up your future', or the speeches in Strasbourg (France), Stockholm (Sweden) or Alcalá de Henares (Spain).

Although 2018 has been a year to be proud of, we still have a lot to do, but I'm sure that with determination we can achieve the best of ESACH and ourselves as young people in the field of cultural heritage.


For that, thank you all. Let’s continue!

Coordination Committee

ESACH received the EYCH logo from the delegation of the European Commission in Germany.


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